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It Starts With Passion $24.95

A breakthrough book in the quest to achieving greater success with clarity, purpose & passion. For three decades, Keith Abraham has been assisting people around the world to work smarter, lead others through inspiration and achieve high-performance results. In this book, he shares powerful tools to help you achieve success in work and life. Keith’s clear-cut messages are supported by visual models and inspirational stories of change. It’s time to embark on a life of certainty, clarity and confidence and It Starts with Passion. Buy it today and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Living Your Passion $27.50

Most people spend their time earning an income instead of designing a life. Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than what you are doing right now? Deep down, you know life is too short to live without a passion and personal goals. What is your life plan? Are you achieving everything you want out of life? What is your passion and how close are you to obtaining it? Do you want more for yourself but feel helpless to change your current circumstances? If so, Living Your Passion will show you how. I guarantee it!

Inspirational Insights [Out of Stock]

52 inspirational messages to keep you motivated. How to have the power to pursue; the passion to fulfill and the pizzazz to live! If you like the weekly motivator you are going to love this quote book. Unlike any other quote book, Keith Abraham has taken the wisdom of our past great quotes and put in his own special modern twist! These must read quotes and thought provoking comments will not only make an impact, but will stimulate ideas that will assist you in capitalising on your true potential.

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