In a recent blog, I asked the question ‘Are you ok?’ One of my long-term blog readers wrote back, saying he was feeling flat and fatigued from having a big year of change and uncertainty. I have been there, so I knew where he was coming from and I could relate to his mental state. That feeling you have so much to do, so little energy to do it. It is a vicious circle. 

I believe the solution is to clear your head and put some space between you and the challenges you face. With space comes perspective and with great perspective you can define where you need to channel your energy rather than trying to do everything all at once. 

Now you maybe feeling the title of this blog is contradicting ... Plan To Do Nothing. However, you have to plan it out. How many times do you plan to do nothing and end up being really busy? And then you really do need a break. So you need to determine what doing nothing looks like to you. 

This is what doing nothing looks like to me …

Reading time, the newspaper or a great book … time in the sun … no phone … no social media … no timeframes … photography … hanging out with Kristine and our girls …

You just need to determine what it is for you and be disciplined to do nothing.

Low energy = low energy decisions.


- Keith Abraham