I was at a conference recently and a young lady came up to me to have her book signed. She seemed quite anxious, and she told me she couldn’t write down any goals on her list of 100 Lifetime Goals. I double-checked to make sure my list of 25 questions made sense and were relevant, which she replied yes. She went on to share with me that every time she attempts to set a goal, she freezes up, becomes anxious and cannot think of anything she could achieve.

The two pieces of advice I gave her …
First—She needed to talk herself in to it, rather than out of it. What has happened to you in the past doesn’t need to dictate what you can do in the future.
Second—I asked her what would be one country she would love to visit. Which she replied, “I cannot think of any!” Time for a different approach. Here is how the conversation went …

Keith: Tell me a country you would not want to go to. Would you not want to go to the USA?

Lady: No, I would like to go to the USA.

Keith: OK, would you not want to visit New York?

Lady: No, I would like to go to New York.

Keith: Do you not like pizza?

Lady: No, I like pizza.

Keith: Would you like to eat one of the best pizzas in the world?

Lady: Yes.

Keith: Well you need to visit Grimaldi’s Pizza near the Brooklyn Bridge. How does that sound to you?

Lady: That sounds great.

Keith: While you were near Brooklyn Bridge getting a pizza, do you think you would like to take a walk across the bridge?

Lady: That sounds like fun.

Keith: A lot of people say visiting the 9/11 Memorial is very special and quite moving, would you prefer not to do that?

Lady: That sounds like an experience I should do if I am in New York City.

Keith: How many goals have we just set for you? Five.

Sometimes we just need to take a different approach. Think about what is possible and don’t be scared of what will or won’t happen. Ask yourself different questions and dream big dreams.

Keith Abraham

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